Nefrids Africa


What is SimuSure?

This is an insurance solution developed and provided by Nefrids Africa Limited to cover your mobile devices, specifically mobile phones and tablets with a SIM card. SimuBima provides compensation for the cost of repairing or replacing a damaged or lost/stolen phone/ tablet.

What incidents are covered by SimuSure?
  1. Loss or theft of your phone/ tablet assuming you have taken reasonable precautions to keep your device secure. Loss/ theft claims MUST be reported to the police within 48 hours of the loss. If the loss/ theft occurs when you are outside Tanzania, please report the incident to the police in the country you are in within 48 hours and get a written report of the same.
  2. Accidental damage e.g. damage caused by dropping the phone/ tablet.
  3. Liquid damage
  4. Malicious damage i.e. vandalism
Does SimuBima also cover the mobile device accessories?

The following accessories will be replaced along with your lost or irreparably damaged device:

  1. Standard earphones normally included during the purchase of the device.
  2. Charger
    Note: Please note that these accessories cannot be insured and claimed for separately from the device
What incidents are NOT covered by SimuBima?
  1. Theft or damage of the device when it is left in an unoccupied vehicle UNLESS the vehicle doors, windows and boot were all locked and the device was in the boot, glove compartment or under a seat at the time of the incident.
  2. Theft of the device when it is left unattended in a place to which the public has access
  3. Damage intentionally caused by the policyholder or anyone whom the policyholder has allowed to keep or use the device
  4. Manufacturer’s defects – these should be covered under your manufacturer’s warranty
  5. Battery damage or failure
  6. Loss of data and/ or the SIM card
  7. Software damage or failure, hardware failure in the absence of physical damage
  8. Any damage caused by viruses
  9. Unexplained damage i.e. if the damage to the device was not caused by a specific accidental incident e.g. a fall
  10. Regular wear & tear and cosmetic damage e.g. chipped paint or scratches
  11. Loss of or damage to the phone/ tablet due to an act of terrorism, war or radioactivity
  12. Subscription or reconnection costs of any kind
  13. Damage for phones or tablets which have been previously repaired UNLESS that repair was done by an SimuSure Authorized Repairer in the course of an SimuSure policy period
  14. Loss or damage that occurred while the policyholder was intoxicated